Avoid Making These Mistakes While Heating Tobacco In A Glo Device

Whether you are new to a heated tobacco device or you are using a Glo device, there are some mistakes that you could avoid to get maximum benefits from your heating device. This is especially beneficial if you are using a Glo device.

Buying heated tobacco devices

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Using Glo device with other tobacco sticks

The first mistake that any beginner might do is using the wrong tobacco stick with their device. A Glo device is compatible only with neo sticks that are designed specifically for it.

Using regular cigarettes and the wrong tobacco sticks may damage your device and will not give the authentic experience of heated tobacco.

Heating level adjustment mistakes

There are two heating levels:

  • Standard mode
  • Boost mode

Standard mode gets activated when you press the Glo button for 3 seconds and if you press it for 5 seconds, you will feel a vibration that indicates the Boost mode has got activated.

Just wait for that second session of Boost mode to get activated for a faster and more intense experience of heated tobacco.

Incorrect way of cleaning

Any electronic device that heats tobacco is not water-resistant.

  • Wipe the moisture from the bottom of the device
  • Clean the flap with a soft cloth
  • Do this when you have used the device 5 times
  • Clean the heating chamber after 20 sessions
  • Use a cleaning brush and avoid applying too much pressure to the heating chamber
  • Avoid cleaning the device when it is hot or even warm, let it cool down completely.
  • Avoid tapping or shaking the device

Avoid too many continuous sessions

It is recommended to use the Glo device 3 times in a row at the most and pause for about 5 minutes so that it cools down and then start a new session. This will prevent the device to get overheated.

Trying to pause a session

A session cannot be paused, it can only get cancelled. The heater gets switched off if you press the Glo button for 3 seconds during the session. You need to replace the neo stick at this juncture before continuing to heat tobacco.

Ignoring the charging status

  • Keep your device sufficiently charged every time.
  • You may also keep a power bank with the right Glo charging accessory.
  • Keep it away from extreme temperatures.
  • Allowing your device to be too hot or too cold may affect its functionality.

It is always easy to avoid common mistakes with heated tobacco devices with the right knowledge so that its longevity increases and you can keep having a smooth experience.