CBD Helps Treat Insomnia but Excessive CBD Can Lead to Sleep Disturbance

Insomnia is a big problem that is affecting a majority of Americans every day. When you don’t get proper sleep at night, your whole day is spoiled. You’re distracted, suffer from headache, feel frustrated and irritated, and mood swings are common in sleep-deprived people. Often people suffering from mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and stress are sleep deprived.

Plenty of people are consuming CBD which is a natural component found in the hemp plant. It helps in easing and calming the mind. This doesn’t mean that it can be taken only at night. CBD contains properties to relax the mind even during the day. It is THC that contains psychoactive effects and leaves a person high. Thus, FDA disapproves of any CBD products containing more than 0.3% THC in a product.

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Effect of CBD in Sleep Cycle

Around 70 million Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. With so many people suffering from sleep deprivation, the interest in cannabis is rising. Cannabis contains Cannabinoid THC which works as a sedative that makes you fall asleep. Its active compounds terpenes are also good to increase sleep ability. Cannabinoid THC has a therapeutic effect on the body and helps in reducing inflammation and pain.

CBD oil relaxes the mind and body at night and helps in a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, it keeps drowsiness away in the daytime keeping you alert. This balances the REM cycle of sleep and treats insomnia in a better way.

Cannabis as a Sleep Disturbance

Cannabis is important because it provides a euphoric feeling and lifts your spirit. However, to get this effect you may have to take a higher dosage of CBD. However, ingesting too much CBD without guidance can lead to severe effects like extreme uneasiness and anxiety. This will disrupt your sleep even further.

When you feel that excessive use of CBD is now disrupting your sleep, you can start the detox program. Through this program, you will get rid of all harmful toxins present in the body in a natural way. When all the toxins are flushed out, you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

CBD may help in getting rid of insomnia, but there are other natural ways of getting sleep at night-

  • Taking a hot water bath by adding few drops of essential oil in water or a CBD bath bomb.
  • Keeping the lights dim at night half an hour before going to bed.
  • Avoiding all gadgets half an hour before sleeping.
  • A head massage or body massage at night.

CBD does help in maintaining a balance between mind and body and regulating hormones. However, the excessive dosage can lead to adverse effects. Always take CBD under the guidance of a professional or a doctor. Doctors know better if you need a CBD treatment or any other medication to get rid of insomnia.