Different Promotional Giveaways To Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

Giveaways are a valuable promotional tool for every kind of large and small business. Advertising on billboard work fine and social media is good, but to acquire customers it is about choosing a target promotional product. Giveaway items work wonders after they get branded with your business logo and handed away at grand openings or trade shows or fundraisers.

Branded promotional items create brand awareness. It is an exceptional way to keep your prospective customers intrigued with your brand at forefront of their mind.

Different promotional giveaways to up your marketing strategy

PPE items

In the post-COVID scenario, according to New York Post, approximately 71% of people ignore the healthiest habit. The figure is alarming. It means only 39% of the world population strictly follows the COVID-19 protection guidelines. You can participate in a health awareness program and cut down the germs spread by choosing mini hand sanitizers or face masks or wipes with your company logo imprinted.

Tote bags

Millennials adore promotional products. Nevertheless, they are becoming more social and environmentally conscious. You will see people carrying reusable bags for grocery shopping or even to the beach or at the workplace. Visit the Custom Earth Promos website to see the collection of reusable grocery bags they offer.

Customizing reusable tote bags will bring long-term brand awareness. Reusable products are a constant reminder and receivers will connect them with your brand reliability for as many years as they use them.

Reusable water bottles

People are gaining health awareness about the importance of drinking regular water and keep themselves hydrated rather than consuming soft drinks. A reusable water bottle speaks a lot than staying hydrated in a healthy way. Reusable products reveal to customers your social responsibility efforts. People favor images that show worries about environmental problems. Besides, water bottles can be used daily and they last long.

Coffee mugs

Coffee mugs are a top promotional product. You will never go wrong in ordering them for your employees and customers. More than 50% of the population enjoys a warm cup of coffee not just in the morning but even during the day.

Mobile accessories

On average people spend 50% of their time in a day on their mobile phones. A business owner can choose a stylus pen, chargers, popsockets, and more as a branded giveaway. Mobile accessories are always a hit!

Cooling towels

If the weather is warm, hand out branding cooling towels at some local parade or public event. Receivers will feel thrilled as these can be used at the beach or gym or while doing some physical activities.


It’s a versatile promotional product for giveaways. Branded apparel can be in the form of hats, caps, T-shirts, sweatshirts, or zippered jackets. You can creatively add a business logo and gain great exposure every time the receiver wears it.

Stress balls

With rough and tough competition, people have to struggle with daily stress a lot. A stress ball as a giveaway does not resolve their stress issues, but personalize them to suit your business like pizza-shaped stress balls. These squishy toys are a fun way for business promotion.

A good marketing strategy ensures that your message is seen daily by potential customers!