Accessing the right panel for progressive HR strategies

The primary functions of a Human Resource department are central to promoting employee-driven growth within a company. The core HR functions revolve around:

1). Strategic management,

2). Developing human resources,

3). Risk management,

4). Developing staffing plans and recruitment, and

5). Labour and employee relations.

These are the pillars of a good HR department that can be used to drive the strategies of the company through the workforce. Unfortunately, the HR department is unable to fully administer these core HR functions since they seem to lack enough insight into these areas from the perspective of employees. To get more useful insight into these core HR functions, survey research is usually used. HR departments usually use survey research to perform a needs evaluation, quantify numbers, and obtain opinions.

Conducting survey research to get more insights into strategic HR strategies

A reliable and professional HR department will usually think about conducting a comprehensive research survey to get useful insights into the various areas of the field. This will mean that they will have to decide between performing an in-house research survey, or whether to outsource the research survey. The better alternative is usually to outsource their research surveys to a market researching and sampling company. Major benefits of outsourcing your HR research surveys include:

1). Cost-effectiveness

2). Ability to access a more uniformly distributed and diverse research panel.

3). It gives HR the freedom to focus on other business operations.

The research panel as a central strategy to your research survey

In market surveys, a market research company would often use research panels or focus groups to get useful insights. Market research panels include a rich sampling resource that represents certain demographics. It essentially is a set of people that have been chosen to participate in a research survey.

The market research panel is targeted through the use of job, age, position, location, gender, and so on. Most market research companies prefer the use of market research panels. This is because it is a simple and convenient way to target certain demographics to gain more insights into the likely behaviors and attitudes of the people represented.

Accessing the right market research panel: Easy steps used by market research companies.

Market research companies will easily help you reach HR leadership for your survey research through a research panel. They are experts when it comes to curating the highest grades of research panels. These are some of the highlights of the process.

When you are considering the steps from panel recruitment to participant engagement to curate the highest quality panels, here is our process:

1). Millions of participants around the world

Market research companies have millions of participants that are carefully curated from every part of the world. This represents uniform and diverse demographics. It gives you the ability to collect a wide diversity of useful insights and opinions.

2). Authenticated participants

Market research companies collect participants details. They get them registered, validate their information, and are then profile. This means that it will be simple and fast to get respondents for any given research survey.

3.) Active and engaged participants

Each validated member in the database of the survey company is usually given an enhanced survey experience. They are given a convenient platform/device to produce their answers and are usually rewarded with cash or kind.

4.) Sample available in minutes

While many companies can find it challenging to produce final results for their surveys within days, this is not so for any market survey company. Outsourcing your research survey to a professional market research company mean that you get your sample results in just minutes.

5). Reliable Results

When you get access to the right research panel through a market research company, you easily get results that you are confident in. These companies have been able to streamline and optimize their database of respondents to always deliver broad and well-represented samples.