What Role Does SEO Play In Digital Marketing?

People who are involved in online marketing have an idea about SEO and how it can influence their business. In the digital marketing field, SEO is now playing a very important role that will not only help you increase the reach to your potential customers, but also increase your sales.

Although Google never shares its overall search volume, however, we all know it is huge. One can roughly estimate it to be 3.5 billion searches in a day and the search volume grows at the rate of 10% every year.

We also know that Google has got the largest share of the market that is almost 92%, as compared to Yahoo or Bing. Knowing all this, we can say that SEO plays a major role to get you in touch with your customers when they are searching your website and spending time there.

So, what does that mean to your particular business? It will mean that search engines are the prime place for advertising your business, products, or services. When you have SEO as the main part of your online marketing tool then it is going to help search engines to find, index, and crawl your website into their saved catalogue. 

Managing this Melbourne SEO needs a lot of expertise and a company like Australian Internet Advertising is well experienced in this business, who can help you to get qualified leads and high traffic to your websites and help you to boost your revenues.

SEO role in digital marketing

Let us discuss briefly the role of SEO that it can play in digital marketing in the following paragraph: 

  1. Increases your website’s traffic

As we already discussed before, with the help of SEO efforts, the presence of your website online can tremendously gain and it will take a prominent place in all the results of search engines, thereby, the number of visitors will increase to your website.

So, you can say that SEO and also search marketing are having close relationships.

2. Boosts your brand awareness

Your SEO digital marketing services will also focus on boosting your brand awareness. Since more and more people will continue to visit your website, as a result, they will learn more about your products/services and your brand will end up getting very good exposure.

3. By optimizing website content, you can improve user experience

Having high-quality content on your website is also going to enhance the user experience. SEO will work to improve the content and also your web pages.


4. Creates inbound leads to promote sales

When searching for a certain product or service, many visitors will reach your website, then there is always a likelihood that they will finally become your potential customers.

In this way, SEO in media marketing will help in generating many more leads just by leading the entire traffic to your website. Ultimately this will only result in promoting more sales for sure.

5. Increases the speed of page loading

SEO will ensure that your webpage will load much faster so that your visitors can easily see your content faster without changing or switching to some other webpage.

Various SEO types that you can find in digital marketing

You will find mainly 3 types of SEO, particularly in digital marketing scenarios that are used for improving the website ranking.

  1. On-page SEO

This type of strategy will work by optimizing your individual web pages to rank higher on your SERPs and also gaining more leads. Both your website content and also HTML source code here will be optimized.

2. Off-Page SEO

This type of strategy will include all the SEO activities, which may occur outside of your website. It will primarily focus on building certain backlinks but will also, includes local SEO and social media.

3. Technical SEO

This type of strategy will focus on improving the entire technical aspects of your website for obtaining a higher ranking on tour SERPs like making your website faster or much easier to understand or crawl, etc.

There is no doubt, SEO can play a big role in digital marketing strategy. You can help your potential customers to easily discover your product/services and that will ultimately increase your sales and profits.