Compelling Reasons To Use Video Responses In Your Surveys

Survey design always incorporates open-ended questions at the end of a lengthy feedback form. Businesses lookout for the customers to fill the 1 or 2 liners in the given column, but the result is always zero. The more interesting fact is, this open-ended question is one of the important ones for your market research. Ironically, you do not get any response to it. This is one of the prime reasons why it is suggested to opt for video responses.

Top Reasons to Use Video Responses in Your Surveys

Customers are familiar with videos. Be it Instagram or Facebook, you would like to feature in a captured video. Using the same technology to gain more market insights is considered the best. You not only get the customer views on the product, but you also make the customer respond to the survey in the first case.

Video Surveys give a unique experience to the customer to voice out his/her views about the product. And it creates an important factor in the customer, as he/she might be featuring in the company’s social media page. Qwary helps enhance customer experience and increase your brand value in the market. The incredible idea of using AI-based market research tools is most welcome by many organizations. The massive ROI and excellent customer reach make your organization move to the next level of excellence.

Video Responses are Interactive

The text responses are usually robotic. The results are more objective analytics and no opportunity is given to the customer to voice out any experience factor.

In Video presentations or surveys, you are giving the best chance for yourself in understanding the customer’s emotions and views. Moreover, you will find it more conducive to learning about the product as it gives a visual representation of customer reaction.

In-depth Insights

The written responses do get 1 or 2 line responses but mostly written with haste. But the video response can give a detailed view of the product. And that too right from the customer’s mouth.

More importantly, using this mode to procure feedback will create excitement in the customer. By deciding to use video-based surveys will help your organization to make critical decisions.

Unspoken Data is Spoken Loud

Customer response will reach its heights if the product is good and the same goes for the product when it is bad. If the service or the product lies in the grey area of not so good type, no customers will respond appropriately to a text-based survey.

However, the video-based survey can make the customer speak unspoken words. Moreover, even if the customer is not ready to type or write will certainly respond to speak.


Market research requires the right information. If your organization is looking to make any changes to the product or the service, you need comprehensive information from the end-user. Video responses create a whole new experience for the customer too. At the same time, there is a pathway leading for text-based feedback to come to an end.