Definitive Checklist For Window Replacement

While considering any home renovation project, typically people only think of their kitchen or bathroom modifications. Few people may also consider their basement modification too. What many may not consider is window enlargement for their home in Bolton.

However, enlarging your windows will bring plenty of differences aesthetically. Bigger windows will mean you will get more natural lights. However, enlarging the windows or window replacement Bolton is not a very simple task and you need help of any professional company like Cedar Hills Contracting.

In case, your window modification is done poorly then you will need to do expensive repairs. Therefore, before you decide to replace your window, you must ensure that any of the following issues are bothering you in your windows:

  • They are totally sealed and you just cannot open them
  • The frame is broken/damaged
  • You cannot operate them easily
  • There are signs of moisture and mold around your windows
  • You like to improve your home’s curb appeal

After you have replaced your existing windows or enlarged them, you must use the following checklist to ensure that the work has been done satisfactorily.

  1. Complete visual inspection

After your window installation, you may take enough time to perform a very detailed visual inspection for checking the quality of workmanship. You must also discuss with the installer about its proper maintenance.

  1. Complete interior finish

Also, make sure that the installer has given a proper interior finish, as it may look very irritating if your new window lacks interior finishing trims. Avoid any potential pitfalls or any incomplete jobs done on your window.

  1. Top-quality sealant

Often due to the use of low-quality sealant faulty installations can occur. Therefore, you must ensure that installer has used top-quality sealants to have top-quality caulking joints. Such sealing joints can play a big role to make the window system waterproof and airtight.

  1. No air infiltration

A better and quick way to detect an air leak will be to pass a match or lighter around the window frames. The flame will begin to move or blown out if there is any infiltration of air.

  1. Quiet and effortless operation

After you install new windows make sure that they should operate normally. You must be able to easily open or close them and also lock them, if necessary. All its operation must be quite smooth and without any sounds.

  1. Level and square

Your windows must be installed square in both height and width. You must leave a space of 1/8” on the window frame to make sure of proper functioning and, avoid any long-term damage to your product.

  1. Prevent water infiltration

For preventing water infiltration, you must create a 5° downward slope toward its exterior opening. Besides, an insulating waterproof must be installed all across the sill to prevent any water infiltration.

  1. Insulating materials

To get top-quality insulation, there must be both polyurethane spray foam and mineral wool.

  1. Taking accurate measurements

Finally, you must make sure that accurate measurements have been taken for your window.

You must hire any professional company to do the necessary work for your window replacement.