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Make Sure People Use Sanitizing Mats Before Entering Your Building – Know the Ways

Everything has changed after the outbreak of coronavirus. It is difficult to say whether the situation becomes normal after some time or people have to get habituated to the new changes adopted due to the spread of COVID-19. They include virus-preventing measures like sanitizing public places, maintaining social distancing, and others.

Everyone is trying their best to take the precautions such as sanitizing surfaces, particularly in crowded places. People often think about the hand touchpoints, but what about the feet touchpoints? Yes, it is essential to think about it because the virus can be distributed on the ground through feet. After all, even your shoes may carry virus particles. The best way to sanitize your shoe soles is by using sanitizing mats.

On Ultimate Mats, you can find the top entry brand mats like WaterHog mats at a reasonable price. These mats are made with high-quality materials like synthetic fibers, rubber construction, and nylon. They help to sanitize the shoes before entering the building.

Here are a few simple ways that help you in making sure whether people are using sanitizing mats at the entrance of your building or not.

Control the access points

Most buildings will have multiple entry and exit points. If you can control these access points, people will queue up in a single line, and everyone will sanitize their feet. Also, arrange hand sanitizer stations for people to sanitize their hands.

Explain sanitizing safety strategies

Most people feel frustrated waiting in a queue. So, make them aware of the need to line up and need to use a sanitizing mat. For this, arrange signage boards along the entrance to mark where everyone has to lineup to enter the building. By this, not only do people sanitize their shoes but also they feel grateful for taking such measures to protect their health as well as safety.

Avoid using messy mats

Quality and durability are the essential factors that you have to consider when purchasing sanitizing mats for the entrance of your building. Open-tray is the common mat style, which is made with molded rubber. It holds the sanitizing solution deep. These mats are ideal for specific environments such as meat processing units and laboratories.

When it comes to Grizzly sanitize, sponge-style sanitizing entry matting, it is opposite to open-tray mats. These mats are designed to use in foot traffic areas. They are made with special materials that can withstand over 1,000,000 people for a year. Moreover, these mats are long-lasting and durable.

How sanitizing mats can stop the spread of coronavirus?

Quaternary sanitizers and bleach are the most common sanitizing solutions used to kill the virus particles. Even though bleach is a powerful oxidizing agent, it reacts with peroxides, acids, and other chemicals. Quat (quaternary ammonium chloride compounds) has anti-microbial efficacies, so the formula has cleaning power along with sanitizing and disinfecting action. Also, they are user-friendly.

Quaternary sanitizers have excellent germ-killing abilities, long shelf life, no odor, low toxicity, and safe over all surfaces. Due to these advantages, quaternary sanitizers are considered to be an ideal choice to use in many health institutions and in using sanitizing mats.

To stay safe and keep the virus away, choose the best store that offers top-brand disinfectant mats and order today.