Common Modes of Cannabis Consumption – Potency and their Safety Profile

The cannabis community is growing ever since its use has been legalized in certain parts of the world. It is now not just available as the dried herb or flower, but also in many fancy edible forms such as chocolates, gummies, and even your favourite pizzas.

Cannabis is nowadays not just consumed for recreational purpose but has also been found to have many medicinal properties that can help you in providing relief from inflammation, joint pains, anxiety disorders, de-addiction, and much more.

While vaping and smoking has always been the favourite forms of consuming cannabis among the users, the newer community prefers edibles owing to the ease of use. Every form of consumptions has its own benefits and risks as well. We will discuss all the three here.

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Different forms of cannabis consumption

There are 3 forms in which cannabis is commonly available in the market. One of the most common being marijuana; that is made from leaves and flowers of the plants which are then dried to extract the final product. It is usually smoked for a better experience.

The other form being Hashish, which dried resin from the cannabis plant is added to edibles that you see in the market. Hashish can be further processed to extract Hash oil and this is a very potent product and is generally added to tea or is smoked by many users.

Let us elaborate the benefits and risks involved with 3 methods of cannabis consumption:


  • It is the most efficient method of consumption due to the fastest rate of delivery of cannabinoids in your system; usually within seconds.
  • You can either use a joint, a pipe, or a bong to smoke the dried cannabis flower.
  • The desired effects from smoking last for about 3 hours.
  • The peak effect can be experienced within the first 30 minutes of consumption.
  • While smoking is really effective, it is also carcinogenic.


  • This method of ingestion makes use of vape oil and although dried plant matter can be used as well.
  • It is smokeless and only heats the product to a temperature that produces vapours to be inhaled.
  • The effects produced from vaping are almost similar when compared to smoking minus the harmful effects smoking has on your lungs.
  • However, solvents are mixed to produce vape oil and thus you must ensure that you are purchasing the products from reputed companies only.


  • This form of cannabis consumption has gained popularity in the recent past owing to ease of use as you need not carry cartridges or pipes and you can even consume it in public places.
  • The cannabinoids when consumed are metabolised in liver to produce a potent substance; which is why there is a delay in experiencing some effects.
  • Although the effects are produced much later, the effects last much longer anywhere between 4 to 6 hours.
  • The only disadvantage with edibles is that it is very easy to overdose with them.

You must always check with the legal laws of your state before planning to consume any of the above mentioned cannabis products. You must also consult a medical professional if your aim to treat any medical condition with the use of CBD.